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Five Gelaterie Worth Visiting in Milano

“You know, people come to Italy for all sorts of reasons, but–when they stay–it’s for the same two things.”


“Love and gelato.”

-excerpt from Love & Gelato by Jenna Evans Welch

While that’s not the case for everyone who visits Italy, it certainly was for me! (I’ll also throw in fresh pasta and Nnapulitan’ pizza while we’re at it..)

However, this post today is solely dedicated to the creamy cousin of ice cream, and–more specifically–the best places to find it in Milano. Now I’m neither a gelato connoisseur, nor someone who has tasted the product of every single gelateria in the city, but I guarantee your taste buds will squeal with joy after one bite!

*I’ve included the names of the zones, as well as the nearest transit stops for immediate gelato consumption ­čśë

1. Gelateria lato G, Corso Garibaldi, 117

(Zona Porta Nuova//Green Line M2 to Moscova)

This is my trusty, go-to gelateria in Milano. Just down the street from where I used to work two years ago, this franchise does not disappoint. Utilizing ingredients sourced from all over the world, they created flavor profiles that are unique and incredibly tasty. Some of my personal favorites are Peanut Butter & the City (made with peanut butter from NYC, go figure!) Lucky Cookie and–straight from Marrakech–Lemon & Mint. I also just discovered that they have a location in Miami, Florida, and am currently rather tempted to start a petition for them to open one in New York…

2. Chocolat, Via Giovanni Boccaccio, 9

(Zona Magenta//Green Line M2 and Red Line M1 to Cadorna)

My friend told me about this chocolate shop/gelateria not too long ago, and now I can’t┬ánot go in and grab a gelato when I’m in the area. (Trust me, I’ve tried!) Staff are extremely generous with the scoops, and the product is absolutely divine. Some flavors I’ve tried recently are mango (OMG), mandarine (OMGOMG), dark chocolate (YAS) and salted pistacchio (YASOMG).

3. Gelateria Icedream, Via Crescenzago, 36

(Zona Lambrate//Green Line M2 to Udine)

My boyfriend recently brought me here, and–I have to admit–this is one of the best gelati I’ve had in Italy thus far. The oreo flavor is phenomenal (sorry, my USA is showing), staff is friendly and they even top your treat with a biscotto. (Who else is a fan of topping carbs with┬ámore carbs?!) Be sure, however, not to come here once the nearby school lets out–the line will be out the door and down the street!

4. Venchi Chocolate-Ice Cream, Piazza dei Mercanti, 21

(Centro Storico//Red Line M1 to Cordusio)

Venchi is actually a well-known chocolate manufacturer within Italy, and–with eight locations just in Milano–it’s not hard to see why. Since my top spot was granted to a chain, I wanted to avoid mentioning other popular ones in this post, but Venchi deserves the highest praise. Scoops tend to be on the smaller side (at least they were in this specific location), but the quality of the product makes up for it!

5. La Rinomata Gelateria, Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 1

(Zona Ticinese//Green Line M2 to Porta Genova)

Situated between the Naviglio Grande and Naviglio Pavese, this gelateria is a popular one. One of my favorite summer pastimes is to go to Navigli (not only the Italian plural form of ‘naviglio’, meaning ‘canal’, but also the designated name of the trendy neighborhood where the canals are located) right before the sun sets, enjoy an aperitivo at one of the many bars on either canal then grab a gelato from La Rinomata as we cross from one canal to the other. If gelato isn’t your thing (because you’re an alien..), they also offer delicious Nutella crepes and fruit smoothies.



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