On a Personal Note

You Are an Immigrant

You are an immigrant.

You pondered it for a while.

You packed your life in a couple of suitcases.

You kissed your loved ones goodbye.

You left your homeland.


You arrived in the States by boat, plane or foot.

You didn’t know the language.

You didn’t know the laws.

You were confused by the customs.

You felt lost.


You were ridiculed.

You were discriminated against.

You were considered “less than”.


You found decent work.

You learned some English.

You made some friends.


You became successful


You raised a family


You worked even harder


You never forgot where you came from.

You are the unskilled laborer from Ireland whose livelihood was devastated by the Potato Famine.

You are the family from Korea who arrived in Hawaii to work on sugar cane plantations.

You are the Italian patriarch who left his beloved southern Italy to build the skyline of Manhattan.

You are the twenty-something from Colombia who worked two jobs for a better life for her family.

You are the Nigerian cook who booked a one-way ticket with aspirations of opening a restaurant.

You are the wealthy Pakistani who one day decided to leave his homeland to go study in Indiana.

You are the unaccompanied teenager from Honduras who recently fled violence in her city.

You are the epitome of the “American Dream”.

You built this country.

You are what makes us so great.

You are an immigrant.



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